Report a person or item


At Hustlemyad, we want to build an enjoyable buying and selling experience. Please report suspicious or offensive user behavior and any items that violate our Posting rules. Reports are kept anonymous.After you report a user, you will also be given an option to block that person, which means you won’t receive further messages from them.

Any current message threads you have with them will also disappear.Reporting a user. You should report a user in cases where they have:Exhibited suspicious, illegal, offensive or harassing behavior, Sold a fraudulent item Paid, fraudulently Used an offensive profile image, Posted multiple items that violate our posting rules. Failed to show up to buy or sell an item.


Blocking a user

To block a user, tap the report button and submit your report. You will then have the option to block the user. To unblock a user, please follow these instructions. Report an item, You should report an item in the following cases: The item is prohibited, including counterfeit, recalled, offensive, or stolen items. The item violates our Posting rules. To report an item, tap the item to view details and then tap the Report button.

Reporting to law enforcement. In addition to investigating and addressing issues, Hustlemyad partners closely with law enforcement. If you have encountered illegal activity or a crime, we strongly recommend contacting local authorities. The police will need relevant details from you, such as the user profile of the individual you were in contact with on Hustlemyad. If you think you received a fraudulent check or counterfeit money, do not deposit it. Report the person to your local authorities, and report them in the Hustlemyad.

Once you have made your report to local authorities, please encourage the investigating officer to Contact Hustlemyad and provide us with the following details of your case so we can work with the officer:

1       Agency case number or event ID

2       Investigative officer name

3       Investigative officer phone number or email