Prohibited items guidelines

Prohibited items guidelines

Last updated July 24, 2019

You can almost list whatever you want to be sold on HustleMyAd, but there are certain items that aren’t allowed. Some present legal risks and may have safety issues. We’ve also chosen not to let members post certain ads that we feel are inappropriate or offensive for are community to see.

Before posting your items, please read the guidelines below to ensure that they are OK to sell on Hustlemyad. Also please review our Posting rules and Community guidelines.

The following items are not allowed for sale:

1.     Alcohol, drugs & tobacco

2.    Counterfeit and replica items

3.    Dangerous items(Guns,knives,         bombs, etc)

5.   Gift cards

6.  Illegal items or encouraging illegal activity

7.  Medical & healthcare items

8.   Offensive materials

Alcohol, drugs & tobacco  

Alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and related products are often subject to regulatory restrictions and are illegal for sale in some cases. Because we can’t enforce these laws and regulations, we don’t allow these items for sale, including:


Prescription drugs

Drugs, narcotics, or controlled substances (even those that are legal in some states)

Items marketed for the purpose of intoxication

Drug paraphernalia such as bongs, vaporizers, and pipes

Tobacco and related products, including e-cigarettes, e-juice, vaporizers, mods, hookahs, and hookah accessories


Our policy around animals and wildlife products represents Hustlemyad commitment to improving animal welfare in our own communities and in helping to protect threatened and endangered animals around the world.   

You can certainly post many types of animal products. However, live animals are never allowed, including:


Farm animals and livestock


Marine life

For more information, visit our detailed list of Animals.

Wildlife & wildlife products

You can certainly post many types of animal products. However, wildlife products that were sourced illegally or are being traded in contravention of any law are prohibited.

For more information, visit our detailed list of Wildlife & wildlife products.

Counterfeit or replica items

The sale of bootlegs, counterfeits, fakes, and unauthorized or pirated copies of items is illegal and not allowed on Hustlemyad, including:

Counterfeits, fakes, and replicas of brand-name items, including items “inspired” by a brand without permission of the owner

Bootlegged or unauthorized recordings

Pirated copies of any copyrighted materials

Use of a trademark or other implied affiliation with a brand

Shipping and counterfeit items

For more information, visit our Intellectual property policy.

Dangerous items

Items that pose health and safety concerns or that are regulated or illegal are not allowed on Hustlemyad. These include but are not limited to:

Firearms, no exceptions

Knives primarily used as weapons or for self-defense. Note: Cutlery, kitchen, and utility knives are generally permitted

Mace, pepper spray, bear spray, tasers, and other weapons used to subdue humans or animals

Paintball guns, BB guns, guns that fire blanks, Airsoft Guns, and all related ammunition and accessories

Sporting weapons such as bows and arrows, crossbows, and archery items

Swords, if sharpened or functional. Note: Decorative blunt swords are generally permitted

Weapon parts and accessories, including any item that attaches to a firearm, ammunition, bullets, clips, arrows, and bolts

Body armor, including Kevlar and other tactical and protective vests, except protective clothing for sporting activities

Regulated chemicals, poisons, or substances

New or used airbags sold separately from a vehicle

Hazardous materials such as:



Recalled items

Items subject to recall

Items deemed to pose significant health or safety risks to others

Food items

The sale of homemade prepared food is subject to regulatory guidelines and often requires a permit. Because we can’t enforce these restrictions, prepared food is not allowed. Examples:

Most perishable goods, including meat, seafood, dairy, and cut fruits or vegetables

Homemade shelf products, such as jams, jellies, and pickles

Homemade meals or baked goods

Eggs sold outside of the seller’s farm

Exceptions to this policy include:

Whole, uncut fruits and vegetables

Eggs sold directly on the seller’s farm

Unopened and packaged commercially sold food goods (canned soup, packages of cookies, etc.) as long as the packaging has not been tampered with and the items are sold before their expiration date

Gift cards

Gift cards and reloadable cards are not allowed due to the risk for buyers. The balance can’t always be verified, and sometimes the card balance can be used or cancelled by the original purchaser.

Illegal items or encouraging illegal activity

Any item that is illegal or that encourages illegal activity is not allowed, including but not limited to:

Items with sensitive information such as IDs, passports, and social security cards

Fake or forged documents (such as licenses, IDs, diplomas, and government-issued documents)

Items received through Government Assistance

Offers to trade for illegal goods

Police badges or security uniforms, as these can be used to impersonate an officer or gain access to secure areas

Locked phones or devices, for example blacklisted, activation, iCloud or similar locks

Current vehicle license plates or plates that were valid in the last 5 years

Licence plate tags

TV streaming devices

Cars without titles

Canisters or cylinders of pressurized gas (such as CO2 or nitrous oxide)

Stolen or found goods

Intangible Items

Hustlemyad is intended for the sale of individual, tangible items. Items must exist and be available for immediate sale. Examples of things that are not allowed include:

Medical & healthcare items

Due to health and safety, privacy, and regulatory concerns, certain medical and healthcare items are not allowed for sale on Hustlemyad, including but not limited to:

Devices, drugs, and medications that require a prescription from a licensed medical practitioner (such as a dentist, doctor, optometrist, or veterinarian)

Pills, vitamins, and supplements

Contact lenses

Used cosmetics

Used makeup sponges and applicators

Needles and items containing needles (such as syringes or tattoo equipment)

Offensive materials

Hustlemyad is an inclusive community that welcomes users from all backgrounds. To build a respectful mobile marketplace, posts that contain foul language or that promote hatred, violence, or discrimination are not allowed. This includes posts that support hate or discrimination toward others based on age, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, disability, or sexual orientation, or items that promote or glorify organizations with such views. Examples:

Posts containing racial slurs

Posts promoting intolerance or discrimination

Items that promote, support, or commemorate groups with views of hatred or intolerance (for example Nazi, Neo-Nazi, or KKK groups)

Items that depict or glorify violence against people or animals

Help keep our community strong

If you see a prohibited item on h , please report it in the app. On that item’s page, tap  Report, then Prohibited on Hustlemyad, then Done. For more information on reporting users and items, please see Reporting/blocking users and items.

For additional restrictions on behavior such as profanity and harassment, please see Community guidelines.


Posts that violate any of our guidelines, policies, or terms may be removed at our discretion. Additional actions may be taken for severe or repeat offenses.

Types Of Ads

Types Of Ads

Marketplace offers you 5 different types of ads which you can select during ad posting or reposting. It is not possible to switch between different ad types while it is live. Available types are:

  1. Sell
  2. Auction
  3. Buying
  4. Exchange
  5. Gift

What Submitting Packs Do You Offer?

What Submitting Packs Do You Offer?

Depending on the settings of the marketplace you can have:

  • Packages ( in the packages time for submitting ads is unlimited while number of ad is final )

Number of different packages and subscriptions is unlimited and it all depends on the preferred settings of the administrator

How To Promote My Ad

How To Promote My Ad

Promoting is real simple, and can get your items notice and increase your chase of selling your Ad.

There are different type of Promotions to Upgrade your Ad to become more noticeable.

First go to your profile page and Click on the Bull Horn all the way on your right hand side of your Ad list.

Then when you click the bull horn a screen will pop up with all the promotions and how many days they last for, you can click on the Ad of your choose and scroll down to purchase:

You will have the choice to choose different type of promotions and here is what they do exactly:

  • Bump Up Ad which brings item back to the top of the category page for a day.(This will update the creation date while the expire date remains and can be use only once per ad).
  • Highlight Ad which makes your listing turn Green to stand out and look different from other ads
  • Top Ad which will keep you on the front page of Browse Ads and at the top of the category and as well in its regular listing position.
  • Urgent Ad will be labeled on your listing ad with a ribbon on box to inform viewers that you need item sold quickly
  • Home Map Ad have ad appear on landing page also when people Browse With  Map your ad will be jumping nonstop so it will be noticed by a lot of viewers

How Many Of The Same Ads Can I List

How Many Of The Same Ads Can I List

We are trying to keep the market competitive and fare. So even though you may have a bigger plan then someone else we do want the website to be kept Spam Free of the Same Multiple Listing Ad.

So we limit everyone atleast 3 to 4 of the same Ads per day in the same category and different categories.

Meaning you cant list the same ad in a category more then 4 times and then try and list it again in an other category. After you past the estimated limited in a category. You can list that same ad again after 24 hr.

IF HustleMyAds catches the same multiply ads past the limit on different categories and from different accounts we will delete and remove listing. And if it persist we will close your account without refund.

Why There Are Locations In Dropdown And On Map?

Why There Are Locations In Drop down And On Map?

From drop down you are selecting general location of your advert while selecting it on the map you are being more precise. Also if the location search of the marketplace is set to geo location, people who search by location will find your ad more easier. Location Search of the marketplace can also be set as list of predefined values in which case value from the drop down is being used.

How To Reach HustleMyAd Customer Service

How To Reach HustleMyAd Customer Service


Twitter: @HustleMyAD



How Can I Contact Seller

How Can I Contact Seller?

In order to retrieve phone number of the seller go to it’s profile page or any of his ads and you will notice block with phone number.

If you wish to start messaging conversation with the seller first create an account. Once you have created your account navigate to any of his ads and you will notice button for sending message. List of you messages is available on your profile. There you have AJAX messaging system where you will be able to continue conversations.

How Review System Works

How Review System Works?

There are two types of reviews – buyer and seller. First step is to register on our marketplace. Next you need to send a message to a seller. Once the seller responds to your message you will be able to review seller and in the same time seller will be able to review you.

When users visit your profile they will be able to see your overall review , complete list of your reviews and to filter them by type.

Once you post review it can not be changed. Also seller and you have option to respond to review.

What Are Featured Ads

What Are Featured Ads?

If you have found some ad which you want to visit later or contact seller later, etc. you can mark it as Favorite and it will be save to the list of your favorite ads which you can access from your profile dashboard.

How To Report Ad?

How To Report Ad?

If you feel that the ad  is breaking some rules, you can report it directly from ad page by clicking on the Report button and writing detail reason. Ad will remain active until administrator checks it out.

How Aunctions Work?


In order to participate in any auction first you need to register an account. Once you have an account visit any auction and in the sidebar you will notice bidding box.

Bellow input for bid value you will see what is the minimum value you must place. Once the auction is finished and if you’ve won it you will receive confirmation mail.

List of all auctions in which you are or have been participated in is displayed on your profile under Auctions.

How To Avoid Scams And Catch Them

How To Avoid Scams And Catch Them

Deal locally, face-to-face —Don’t not send payments via transfer or third party payment processors.

  • Beware of people offering shipping who you don’t know – Always meet with people in crowded or local well known areas with cameras.
  • Never Send funds wire transfer western union money grams – anyone who asks you to is a scammer.
  • Don’t accept cashier/certified checks or money orders – banks cash fakes, then hold you responsible.
  • Transactions are between users only, no third party provides a “guarantee".
  • Never give out financial info (bank account, social security, paypal account, etc).
  • Do not rent or purchase sight-unseen—that amazing “deal" may not exist.
  • Refuse background/credit checks until you have met landlord/employer in person.


Recognizing A scam Hers Some Tips:

  • Scammers will usually contact from numbers that are out of town or not even close to your area code.
  • People looking for jobs a lot of scammers will offer you jobs to do online and the ask for your personal information. Don’t not give out.
  • Scammers will offer to pay extra for your item and pay for shipping. That is always a scam do not fall for it.
  • Scammers will ask you to send items by mail to them and offer to pay you by third party payment system. They will send you a fake email confirming that money was sent. Always check with your bank, paypal or money processing company if you every happen to choose to do conduct business this way. If there money isn’t there its a scam. No such thing as holds.
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