The Long Island Tech Club was founded on August 1st 2019 by Tyler & His tech friends. We are the tech central of our daily lives.  We work and deal with a lot of people that loves tech! Since the rise in technology since 2010 it has been a crazy good time in technology. The product line globally has increased 20 fold since its launch in 2010. We have more products out there now than we ever did and it is getting very difficult to keep track of all the new products that come out. Back then we would see 2-5 products launch a year… now we see 25 to 35 products launch a year. So it’s a great time for technology companies that write about technology. Now you might be thinking why now? The short answer is a 50% rise in technology products in the next 5 years alone. The technology products are getting so sophisticated and more advanced every product launch there is. There is also new companies launching new products all the time to create the next generation product line. 

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