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Mark J. OWED $53,807.24 SETTLED for $100Ronald R. OWED $21,803.24 SETTLED for $100Micheal M. OWED $159,498.10 SETTLED for $1200

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“I highly recommend Tax Relief Advisers. From my first conversation with Lance, I found him to be highly professional, extremely knowledgeable, and showed sincere empathy regarding my tax situation with the IRS. I had been stressing over my IRS debt for a long time, however during my initial phone call with Lance he was able to put my mind at ease and I found my stress level to drop significantly. I am 63 years old and owe a significant amount of back taxes to the IRS. Because of my age and the number of years I’ve been away from my field of expertise, I have been unable to find work in my field, so I am unable to pay off my back taxes owed to the IRS. Lance has submitted an offer in compromise to the IRS which will significantly reduce my tax obligation, and he is confident the offer will be accepted. There are many companies advertising on TV offering to reduce your IRS tax obligation, however most of these companies have large teams of attorneys and charge exorbitant fees. What attracted me to Tax Relief Advisers was their smaller size and personal touch. Whenever I called Tax Relief Advisers, I was able to contact Lance directly, and he was always willing to take the time to answer my questions. Needless to say, working with Tax Relief Advisers and with Lance has been a pleasure, and I highly recommend them to anyone who owes significant back taxes to the IRS. Thanks again Lance for all of your help and for your compassion! Mark H.

“Lance H****** of Tax Relief Advisers has provided excellent and professional IRS representation for me over the past several months. I called Tax Relief Advisers with a very complicated and difficult situation, and Lance H****** has been exceptionally responsive and non-judgmental throughout the process of settling my obligations. I would highly recommend Lance and Tax Relief Advisers to others in need of professional tax liability representation.” Brock A.

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