Seasoned Administrative Assistant wanted


This position can be challenging but highly rewarding for the right person.


The job has two parts:


  • Personal assistant for an established real estate executive


  • Virtual assisting with the administration of his real estate business, which spans across 15 states (occasional travel needed).


  • A retentive mind is a MUST: numbers, addresses, and instructions spin around like a tornado here, if you are a forgetful type…forget it!


  • Strong ethical boundaries: report it, do not ignore it! in real estate you see it all, from shady contractors to fibbing tenants; if you smell something fishy, you are expected to speak up.


  • Fast typists only: this is an extremely busy environment; we cannot lose time searching for the next key to press.


  • Sense of humor: this organization is unconventional. everything about it. if the unorthodox makes you uncomfortable, this will not work.


  • Crisp communicators: no long-winded storyteller types, please! we are too busy here.


  • Pass criminal & credit background check.


The only way to apply is by texting or email one paragraph explaining why you are the right person for this job–texting Sean at 602-405-1000 or email