Hi my name is Alan, I’m 21 year old college student from NYU focused on math/CS with 3+ years of tutoring experience. I graduated from Mission San Jose High in 2016.

Historically, my students all end up scoring in 700+ range for both sections of the SAT and can commonly see improvement within a few sessions.

In 2015 I scored 2300+ on the SAT with perfect math and reading sections.Tutoring can be done: in home, online, or in a public setting (library/coffee shop etc)


– personalized tutoring style to adapt to every child’s strengths and weaknesses.

– EXPERIENCE with tutoring SAT to highschoolers for 3+ years.- experience with ADHD and children with different learning handicaps.

– in depth, fresh understanding of the current iteration of the SAT

– flexible scheduling

– GUARANTEED results/cancel any time (contact for more details)

– students love me because I’m “relatable”. They like to listen to an older brother, not an “older teacher” who hasn’t taken the exam in 10+ years even 20+ years.

– first 1hr consultation FREE

– I work/have worked for the same companies that will charge you $80-100 per hour for the same exact service while locking you into a contract requiring upfront payment.

THE IDEAL STUDENT:- will complete all assigned homework (1-2 hrs homework per session)- has consistent scheduling- pays attention during lessons- respects time boundaries of appointments

TEXT ME at 510-283-3507 if interested/for more details. Please don’t call unprompted as there are too many spam callers and I don’t answer from unrecognized numbers. We can schedule a conference call or in person meeting over text.

Rate:$80/hr in person, $60/hr online-2 hr minimum session length.

SUCCESS STORY: Recently one of my favorite students got accepted to UCLA, her dream school! This student showed massive improvements in just 2 months and is grateful for her last minute cramming and improvement. (Had 3 sessions per week for 2 hrs each while completing all homework and taking notes during lessons)**was an ideal student

[contact for reference(s) if needed]