I have pleaded with them to be reasonable to no avail. Frank Vargas abruptly canceled my contract with little notice, then expected me to go away without pay. I am now forced to ask publicly, if the managers of these properties remember me calling last May to set up install on the Amazon security gate, please contact by email: vargas-cheaters@gmx.com as I will need your testimony in court.

MONTREUX-Sandra  (I was paid half; not in full)                                                                                  SONORAN PALMS-Taylor

THE VIEW AT CASCADE-James (several more properties)                         VITRI-Jennifer

 ARRIVE NORTH SCOTTSDALE-Jasmine or Ashley                                          The Griffin-Nick

DENIM SCOTTSDALE-William                                                                                                                                       SONORAN VISTA-Rainy

If you are someone who also has had difficulty in collecting pay after working for Frank and Charlie Vargas, please contact by email: vargas-cheaters@gmx.com