John Charles Salmons, Medford, OR DBA A Plus Appliances OR Meford Appliance

Address:  1316 W. Main St. Medford, OR a little storage unit off Narregan and Bliss (off Jackson Street). His two emails are appliancejack6@gmail or medfordappliance@hotmail at least today. He’s able to change email and phone numbers easily and frequently as he cheats so many people.

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John C. Salmons is known as THE World’s Dummist Criminal since he posted his Social Security number, DOB and OR DL number on Facebook for the entire world to see. LOL>>>>>>LOL>>> LOL>>>>>>>>>>>LOL>>>>>>>>>>>>LOLI purchased a used washer and dryer advertised as “excellent” on Craigslist Medford, OR by a man who claims to fix and sell used appliances. John Salmons and accomplice “Dave” using a FAKE business name A plus Appliance and I am requesting a refund as I suspect fraud. John claimed he went thru both of them and completely refurbished the inside parts that were defective. I purchased the set via Papal, but since I live out of town, he held them until I could pick them up. I paid someone $75 to pick the set up only to find them filthy and covered in grime. John claimed he didn’t have time to clean, and since he gave me a dryer cord, I let it go. Today was the first day to use the set and here are the problems:washer1. does not drain on either wash or rinse cycle, but will reboot if I manually turn the knob for reset each and every time.2. when water drains it looks like tobacco (or something like it) is packed in the system as I had to wipe it out several times. Each time the tub drains the water is full of this substance leaving it all over the tub and infiltrating clothing.3. the washer makes a horrendous squeaking sound when washing.Dryer1. full of blue die; cannot dry light colors or they will have blue die on them.2. makes a horrendous squeaking sound when turning.3. I have not dried a full load yet, so I have no idea if it heats or not.Also when you search his name another A Plus Appliances comes up, but they are in the Bay area. I’m going to post online as much as I can about John to say that is NOT his business with the good reviews. This guy picked up this washer and dryer out of the trash and sold it on Craigslist as “excellent”.

He likes to use outgoing adjectives like “excellent” washer, etc when they should be at the dump.JOHN SALMONS IS A LIAR, THIEF AND CHEAT. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS CROOK. YOU WILL BE SO SORRY YOU DID.

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