I’d like to say when George Lam of Group Eye Care Medford, OR wrote a prescription that did not match my eyes, he refused to make it right even after I spent money on glasses with an incorrect script.  That doctor also caused me financial harm, and his review is posted as well. 


When doctors make mistakes that cost their patients money, why are these schiesters above the law?  I can’t steal and get away with it, how can they?




I was Glenn’s patient until I moved out of NV. I became too disabled to work and had to retire.  As us poor folk know paying bills as they pile up seems impossible.  When we finally get one bill off our list it feels good. 


I’m complaining about the lack of ethics Glenn hum has. I couldn’t afford an eye exam or new glasses for seven solid years until the old ones filled by Dr Hum didn’t work anymore.  


I mailed three pair of frames back to Glenn Hum along with a bogus eye prescription unbeknownst to me.  Glens office didn’t bother comparing with former prescriptions either oh well. 


Glenn Hum of NV Vision Group, Reno, NV didn’t care. He made his money now go.  He wouldn’t even fill the glasses at cost, once I discovered the error. No it didn’t matter that a person with a disability with barely any will once again be without glasses.  


The only good out of this is I’ll never go to an eye doctor again as I’ve learned how to make my own using two pair of readers. Glenn’s ethics are non existent, at least as it concerns me.