Worth a drive to the valley.We can ship for $125.00.We stock many different styles e bikes and have some of the best prices in the country.Brand new top of the line electric full suspension mountain or street bike .This has the newest technology 52 v with a powerful 1500 watt motor and removable lithium Samsung 14 ah battery pack.Good for up to 1000 charges.Bike is aprox. 65 lbs. Fat tires for all terrain riding.Sand , snow , mud , gravel. Lots of power to get up those hills with 5 different pedal assist modes.Average top speed is 25 to 35 mph depending on rider weight.Will hold up to 350 lb rider.Average 50 miles on a single charge on level one assist.19 ” aluminum frame.

Call me (623) 512-5431

specific details of the bike and to take a test ride.You won’t be disappointed.They are a blast to ride and a great way to start getting exercising again. Commute to work and save gas.$ 2095.00 OTD