First Premier Home Warranty  where is their actual address??????  The address on Google is a nail salon   Uh oh  

First Premier Home Warranty of Brooklyn, NY does not operate an ethical business.  Will stick you with repair bills.

One point of interest, Owner Vince Walker claims years of experience, yet this company has only been open since January 2020 according to the BBB. Hmm, is it possible that they change their name when the negative reviews have piled up too high? I don’t know, but it’s worth checking into. Yes, I will be devoting MUCH effort to spread the word as quick as a CA forest fire. A condensed version here (website coming soon with far greater detail): 1. They lie, and lie and lie more. Countless other little lies beyond what’s listed here, but I can give more detail when the website comes up. A. Let’s start with the sickening sweet reviews online, along side really, really BAD reviews. Sounds so similar to the tactics of other questionable companies, but more must be researched before making a bold claim that they use FAKE reviews. B. They had a really hard time producing a contract once I paid. I asked, and asked and asked and then FINALLY they sent a contract. I questioned whether or not it had been altered since it took them so long to send it. C. When you tell them to stop calling you and keep everything in writing (for your own protection), they will use spoof numbers to trick you into answering the phone. 2. They work tandem, Joe, Samuel and Todd (if these are real names?), and will act as if they are checking on your claim when in fact they are merely passing the phone back and forth to one another in a very small office; according to Linkedin only three employees. 3. They will exhaust you with unnecessary back and forth emails; for example I had two appliance claims and OVER 100 emails have been recorded (yes guys I said 89, but I found more when I went back and checked again). This alone is harassment. 4. It took them over two months to fix my dishwasher, an older appliance. Dishes were piling up, and the best advice they could offer, “Do dishes by hand.” What’s worse is when the company finally had approval to install the appliance, First Premier REFUSED to pay the install fee, so on top of my very high co pay of $85 they stuck me with the install bill as well. 5. When my oven broke down, another older appliance, once again they insisted to fix it not replace it. They would rather buy cheap after market parts online themselves, than pay $50 more to replace the appliance. Once again we are looking at an extended time frame to prolong the harassment. These boys are pros, I’m telling you beware of First Premier Home Warranty. Much more coming, I have to go back over emails to gather more of the hell they have put me through. To end my review, I have learned to never again trust a warranty company. Just like ANY insurance, they want your money but it’s like pulling teeth (no pun intended) when it’s time for them to honor their contract. I am disgusted with this experience, which cost me triple as much in time wasted had I NOT purchased this warranty, but instead applied the money to buy two new appliances. It sure would have been a much wiser decision, therefore the best I can do is warn as many people as possible, “First Premier Home Warranty is highly suspect to many unpaid claims. Research very carefully before you buy.”