Mr. Gilbert, please apologize for the pain you have caused some of us by your apparent desire to make $$$$$ off our illness, or step down! Your disregard seems to have gone unnoticed.  This cannot continue, please acknowledge!

How much money does Stan Gilbert make when someone is brought to one of his facilities against their will?  Why Stan did you never give me the letter that promised me your agency would NEVER step foot on my property again after your former employee (and friends) did their best to set me up to have me taken in on false pretense making the situation APPEAR FAR WORSE THAN IT WAS?  WHY?

Oregon is DEAD LAST for funding mental heath/behavioral health.  We need to expose the State of OR, which includes agencies under this umbrella. 

KBBH or Klamath Basin Behavioral Health of Klamath Falls, OR is a privately owned agency that runs primarily on government funds.  I’ve never been there, nor ever been a patient.  I am however very familiar with Stan Gilbert the owner of the agency, who has lined his pockets by  “helping” those suffering from mental illness in Klamath Falls, OR, at least that’s my opinion. Quickly want to mention I attempted two years ago to have a conversation with him, simply seeking an apology, but he arrogantly refused.  

If you or anyone you know has been harmed as a direct result of attempting to seek care from this agency please contact If you have been on a Director’s Hold but don’t believe you met the legal criteria, please write in. 

On record with BOLI is at least one complaint from former employees against Stan Gilbert.  Consider this: they ended up with a large settlement for being FORCED to hold people that didn’t meet criteria.  Why didn’t those poor victims get acknowledged who were needlessly placed in hand cuffs, shamed in front of their entire neighborhood, some of them slandered to law enforcement, not given a chance to defend themselves as they are helplessly carried away ?  WHY didn’t they get compensated for their pain?????

Because Oregon is DEAD LAST for Mental Health Services, and unfortunately the pervasive attitude that mentally ill people don’t deserve to breathe is state wide, at least that’s my opinion.

Perhaps shootings involving the mentally ill could be  prevented if they weren’t treated daily by society (which includes mental health providers) as rag doll rejects. Nobody will take responsibility, but I have a news flash.  Many shootings happen by people who are constantly discounted and treated like dirt simply because they have a different way of communicating.  They reach a breaking point.  NO I’m not saying shootings are right; I’m saying our self absorbed society ( is really behind the shooter in many cases.

Please write in today if you can offer vital information about a bad experience with Stan Gilbert and/or KBBH as an agency. If  we can help start an investigation then we will turn over your complaints to investigators one unknown day in the future


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