Boycott Aspen Dental 4th anniversary celebration coming up in the Fall!

Our agenda includes:

  • Exposing Kingpin Robert A. Fontana (his dirty hands are in many $$$ pies)
  • Exposing where many of the “positive” Aspen Dental reviews REALLY come from
  • Investigate just how much of the material they use in your mouth comes from China
  • Continue to encourage you to order ALL (including x-rays) your records from Aspen Dental to make sure they are free of lies and deceit.
  • Continue to encourage those who have been injured by ADMI to approach them directly for the $5000 they have offered to [some] of their [loudest] victims (even though damage is often triple that amount and more).
  • Last but not least, continue being the voice for those who cannot speak. Those who fell victim to Sinister Aspen Dental et al, and went home alone never to smile again; WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.

See you in the FALL!!

And never forget: Stay SAFE Stay AWAY From Aspen Dental!