MIA Group or Mental Illness Advocacy Group is new in OR after it was discovered that this state is dead LAST for mental health funding. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I am a victim of this state’s attitude of how deplorable people with mental illness really are.  Is it to make it easier to cut the funding for such horrible people, and “why do WE have to be around them” as I’ve heard staff say myself when I once worked along state workers way back when.

I have an education, I had my own business over 20 years, bought homes & cars, friends, was always the life of the party, THEN became too sick to work due to debilitating depression that medicine could NOT fix (which folks it can happen to anyone). I lost everything as a consequence, but what’s worse, I continued to be treated like a worthless human being having door after door SLAMMED in my face by Oregon government workers (and some local businesses YOU KNOW who you are) who take sport in making lives miserable (and they are everywhere).   I became angry on top of trying to recover from a debilitating illness.  That anger turned inward for a few years sadly, but not anymore! 

How many others out there who are angry for the same reasons?  Perhaps shootings involving the mentally ill could be  prevented if they weren’t treated daily by society (which includes mental health providers) as rag doll rejects. Nobody will take responsibility, but I have a news flash.  Many shootings happen by people who are constantly discounted and treated like dirt simply because they have a different way of communicating.  They reach a breaking point.  NO I’m not saying shootings are right; I’m saying our self absorbed society (me.my.I.fux.u) is really behind the shooter in many cases.

I have regained my voice, and I have so much to say based mostly on personal experience!   It’s true, what doesn’t kill you WILL make you stronger.  To those who sit on couches eating chips all day, who have done NOTHING to help anyone but themselves (friends and family) making judgements about my character when I put over 1000 people back to work when I had a normal outlook on life.  Mostly people with disabilities, so to those who have judged me, I pray for you all the time as my God commands me not to hate anyone.  Praying was the only way I found that worked to relieve myself of the toxic anger I carried around as I was being bullied by so many people.

My one and only question to this agency is how many people who are burdened with mental illness and have submitted a discrimination claim, have actually been helped by BOLI? My fear is since OR is dead LAST of 50 states for supporting mental health the answer will be few if any.

Governor Brown as a person who suffers from mental illness why has every time (3x’s) I’ve sought assistance from any Oregon office that claims to help ALL Oregonians, I’ve been treated less than a bug when they discover I’m among the most deplorable of society? At least according to some bully types or those simply not educated, but they are WAY off in their judgement. 

BOLI in my opinion Governor Brown is in desperate need of a audit of cases with claimants who felt discriminated against for having mental illness. Again has BOLI EVER ruled in the FAVOR of someone with a mental illness claim?

Oregon is dead LAST in 50 states for mental health. Can this be looked into? Please. We are humans too ?????  miagroup@mail.com

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