Professional Tennis Registry Member, Coach Gabriel Manzano

Tennis coach specializing in both group and individual lessons. Work and teach students at all levels. If you’re only a beginner learning tennis, someone who knows the basics but is looking to improve their technique, or you’re looking into mastering the sport for competitive or casual play, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Classes are organized in two groups:

1. Individual Classes

Individual classes consist on a series of physical warm up exercises, and a sequence variation depending on what areas of your game you want improve: receiving baseline stroke, approach, volley, overhead, serving, and point situations. Individual classes are much more in depth and will further your technique.

Individual Class Hour Rate: $60/hr

2. Group Classes

Group classes or clinics are composed of 2 or more students. If you want to do a class with your partner, couple, or a group of friends, this is the class for you. Initially the class begins with a series of drills, focusing on physical conditioning, forehand, backhand technique among many other drills. After that we enter a group competition phase where we devise different 3 or 4 hit sequences (baseline stroke, approach, volley, overhead) or fun point based games to mix things up and also motivate players to be competitive as well.

Group Class Hour Rate: 40/hr

Note: I’d like to add that the main difference between a group and individual class is an individual will be based more on technique and game strategy, group on the other hand lends itself more to socializing and developing relationships through the sport. Either can help your game level up, what works for each individual may vary.

I can’t wait to help you level up your tennis game and for all of us to have fun on the court. Text or call me today to schedule a lesson!

Phone Number: (561) 409-6556

Instagram: @tennisprogaby